MCA Moldova announces invitation for bids for the rehabilitation of three irrigation systems on the Prut River

The Millennium Challenge Account Moldova announces the invitation for bids for the rehabilitation of three irrigation systems on the Prut River – Blindesti (Ungheni rayon), Grozesti (Nisporeni rayon) and Leova Sud (Leova rayon). The rehabilitation works will be carried out under the Millennium Challenge Compact funded by the U.S. Government.

Not long ago MCA Moldova announced an invitation for bids for the rehabilitation of four irrigation systems on the Nistru River and the rehabilitation contracts have already been signed with international companies for 2 of these systems. These companies have already mobilized and are expected to start the construction works in the nearest future.

The irrigation systems on the Prut River were put into operation in the 1970s and are in disrepair. According to the estimates, the asbestos cement pipes must be replaced, most of the water supply pipes are damaged, the hydrants and air valves are missing, the pumps are damaged and need to be replaced and the premises are in disrepair. 

The deadline for submission of bids for rehabilitation is September 30, 2013. The bids will be evaluated by a panel of national and international experts with relevant experience.

According to the designs of the irrigation systems selected for rehabilitation with Compact funds the electro-mechanical equipment will be replaced with more efficient and modern equipment, new electronic pumps control equipment will be installed, the water supply network will be replaced with high density polyethylene pipes, all the hydrants will be replaced, the premises of the pump stations will be restored and mobile meters will be installed to determine the amount of water used.

The rehabilitation of the irrigation systems will enable the farmers to reduce the operation and maintenance costs, use as much water as they need and when they need it and reduce the water losses due to the more efficient polyethylene pipes.

Valentina Badrajan, the Executive Director of MCA Moldova, said that the technical designs of the irrigation systems took into account the agricultural activities of the farmers, the crops cultivated on the land to be irrigated, and the intentions of the farmers to plant orchards or vineyards. The rehabilitation of the irrigation systems will cut the water tarifs due to the efficient equipment that will be installed, added the executive director of MCA Moldova.

Today the three irrigation systems on the Prut River cover about 1300 farmers. However, only the irrigation system Grozesti is operational and irrigates about 100 hectares of farmland. After rehabilitation the irrigation systems Grozesti, Blindesti and Leova Sud will have the capacity to irrigate more than 2667 ha and will enable further expansion of the irrigated land up to about 1300 ha.

Note: Rehabilitation of the central irrigation systems is one of the objectives of the Compact Agreement signed in early 2010 between the Government of Moldova and the U.S. Government, acting through the Millennium Challenge Corporation, and implemented by the Millennium Challenge Account Moldova. The 262 million USD Compact is a generous grant assistance provided by the American people for poverty reduction through the economic growth of Moldova. 


Domestic fruits will be competitive on the European markets when modern storage and processing technologies will be applied
It is a member of the Association of Fruit Producers and Exporters „Moldova-Fruct” and one of the companies that are allowed to export fruit to Russia.
Interest rates on Compact loans have dropped
The annual interest rates on the Compact Credit Facility loans provided to participating banks revised in May 2012 will apply till August 31, 2012.
1 USD from Compact loans causes 1.74 USD to be invested in post-harvest infrastructure in Moldova
11 loans amounting to 2.94 million USD were provided by the end of May for investments in construction of cold storage and procurement of associated equipment for storing fresh fruit and vegetables and other investments in post-harvest infrastructure in Moldova.