Acting Prime Minister chaired the meeting of MCA Moldova’s Steering Committee

To continue the support to the farming sector, the Steering Committee of the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) Moldova, chaired by Acting Prime Minister Gheorghe Brega, approved today the work plan of the Sustainable Development Account Moldova (SDA) that will replace MCA Moldova – entity that implemented the U.S. Government’s Compact.

Prime Minister Brega started the meeting by expressing gratitude to the American people, the U.S. Government and Embassy for the support provided for the economic development of Moldova and by assuring the American partners that the Government has started actions to reduce corruption and make Moldova eligible for the second Compact, including by involving European experts in this process.

A representative of the Millennium Challenge Corporation (USA), Chris Williams, stressed that the USD 262 mil. Compact was a success due to the commitment and efforts of the Government, civil society and MCA Moldova team. It is important to ensure sustainability of the Compact investments by providing further assistance in the Compact intervention sectors, Mr. Williams added.

At today’s meeting the Steering Committee also approved a USD 7.5 mil. budget for the operations of SDA Moldova for the years 2016 and 2017. This money will cover the costs of rehabilitation of additional modules at irrigation systems, improvement of water management and facilitation of access to funding in agriculture.

According to Valentina Badrajan, the MCA Moldova’s Executive Director, over the next two years, SDA Moldova will rehabilitate the drainage system at the Cahul irrigation system and up to two additional modules of the Chircani-Zirnesti irrigation system depending on the availability of funds. This will allow for the expansion of the irrigated area with up to 300 ha. Finally, the SDA’s work plan approved today contains actions related to the management of the supervision services in the defect notification period for the ten irrigation systems rehabilitated with Compact support, consultations with the development partners and other stakeholders on the establishment of a Community of Donors active in access to funding sector and design of the loan application one-stop-shop for farmers.

Finally, the reorganized entity will provide assistance to the Apele Moldovei Agency, Ministry of Environment and Water Users’ Associations, as well as other entities engaged in water management policy reforms.

Also today the Steering Committee members approved the transfer of some assets rehabilitated or built with the Compact funds. They include local access roads to social facilities, lighting systems along the Sarateni-Soroca road and bridges and irrigation systems. 


Domestic fruits will be competitive on the European markets when modern storage and processing technologies will be applied
It is a member of the Association of Fruit Producers and Exporters „Moldova-Fruct” and one of the companies that are allowed to export fruit to Russia.
Interest rates on Compact loans have dropped
The annual interest rates on the Compact Credit Facility loans provided to participating banks revised in May 2012 will apply till August 31, 2012.
1 USD from Compact loans causes 1.74 USD to be invested in post-harvest infrastructure in Moldova
11 loans amounting to 2.94 million USD were provided by the end of May for investments in construction of cold storage and procurement of associated equipment for storing fresh fruit and vegetables and other investments in post-harvest infrastructure in Moldova.